Human Resource Management

Mandate of the Section

Human Resource is mandated among others to handle issues of salaries, pension, gratuity, staff welfare, records management, training, recommending names for submission to city Service Commission, and advice to council on Human Resource matters and staff entry and exit among others.

Strategic Direction

Gulu City Human Resource strives to deliver organizational excellence in the following four ways:

  • Become a partner with senior and line managers in strategy execution, helping to move planning from the conference room to the marketplace.
  • Become an expert in the way work is organized and executed, delivering administrative efficiency to ensure that costs are reduced while quality is maintained.
  • Become a champion for employees, vigorously representing their concerns to senior management and at the same time working to increase employee contribution; that is, employee’s commitment to the city and their ability to deliver results.
  • And finally, Human Resource in the city aim to become an agent of continuous transformation, shaping processes and a culture that together improve the city’s capacity for positive change.

Core Functions of Administration and Human Resource Department

  1. Develop a robust system for setting performance targets and monitoring performance of Gulu city staff in line with agreed standards.
  2. Develop and implement a compensation and benefits management programme for Gulu city staff in line with Gulu city set standards. 
  3. Develop and improving institutional effectiveness through monitoring and evaluation of human resource policies.
  4. Strengthening coordination and collaboration horizontally and vertically among the human resource in the city.
  5. Effectively Monitor and evaluate programs and projects in line with the set standards
  6. Foster Local Government Capacity and Leadership through training 
  • Handle issues of salaries
  • Handle pension, gratuity
  • Records management
  • Develop and implement a cost effective systems for mindset change, processes and ways of doing things to achieve Gulu city vision.
  • Provision of high-quality services to the community through a commitment to local government best practices and employee development, support and retention
  • Improving management and administration at both division and ward levels to conform to the set standards
Core Section Heads