Engineering and Works

The Works and Engineering Department is headed by the City Engineer and is responsible for providing technical support and guidance on the urban structural design, infrastructure improvement, road network development and maintenance and control of infrastructure developments in the City.

Department Mandate

The Department is mandated to design, implement and maintain infrastructure developments in the City.

Strategic Direction

National Urban policy classifies a City if an urban area has Infrastructure facilities including but not limited to roads, street lighting, markets, fire stations and adequate capacity for disaster management. Gulu city strategically excelled in the management of her road projects under USMID and USMID-AF from 2013/2014 to date. The total lengths of road in good conditions increased from 174.2 km in financial year 2014/2015 to 249.2 km in financial year 2019/2020.

Gulu City is a logistic hub connecting East and Central Africa, strategically located and interconnected with a transport network of road, rail and air transport modes, which provides greater opportunities and leverage to regional and international economic engagements with bordering countries of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. 

Gulu Airport is a civilian and military airport located some 3 kilometers northwest of the central business district of the city. This location is approximately 303 kilometers (188 mi), north of Entebbe International Airport. The Gulu airport is the 2nd largest airport in the country after Entebbe, while Entebbe has runways of 3.7 kilometers, Gulu has runways of 3.1 kilometers in length and it is placed on a large piece of land suitable with a potential for expansion into an international airport.  The air transport makes Gulu a regional hub for industrial production, trade and a transit point to neighboring countries. The government of Uganda is set to upgrade Gulu Airport to international standards. 

Government of Uganda is already constructing power lines to evacuate electricity from Karuma dam. This will increase availability of power to the residence and Industrial development in Gulu city.

Core Functions of the Engineering & Works Services 

The core function of Engineering in Gulu city is to plan, design and manage the construction, rehabilitation, upgrading, maintain of the city roads including the road marking and signage, traffic and street lighting, building Infrastructure, street parking space and public  transportation  in the City.

  • Plan, design and manage the construction, rehabilitation, upgrading and periodic maintenance of the City Roads including the Road marking and signage;
  • Plan, design and manage the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of the City drainage systems;
  • Plan, design and manage the provision of traffic, manage street parking space and street lighting for the City;
  • Plan, design and manage public transportation in the City and monitor and propose areas for improvement of City traffic;
  • Plan, design and manage the construction and maintenance of the City building infrastructure;
  • Provide technical guidance on the contractual issues relating to bills of quantities provided in relation to materials supplied for construction projects;
  • Contract professional firms to revamp the City infrastructure, road network, for a modern and easy accessible City.
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of road walkways, fly overs, traffic signal junctions, major interchanges and bridges construction, and maintenance policies and procedures as per the City Mandate;
  • Develop, review and update the Wider City Transport Master-plan;
  • Develop and implement road safety strategies for reducing road causalities within the City; and
  • Compile and analyze transport and road safety data and prepare reports.
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Street parking space and pub
  • Building Permits
  • Occupation Permits
  • Road Opening
  • Roads maintenance
Core Section Heads
Eng. Omara Christo Balmoyi Gulu City Engineer