City Treasury

The City Treasury Department is responsible for both expenditure and accounts functions of the City. 

The Department will focus on managing the liquidity of the city by monitoring all the projected cash inflows and outflows to ensure that there is sufficient cash to facilitate the operations the city.

  • Advise the Director and Management of the City on Expenditure matters;
  • Manage financial resources by ensuring that all expenditures conform to the budgetary provisions and Government financial regulations;
  • Process payments for goods and services provided to the City;
  • Account for the resources of the City and answer audit queries;
  • Monitor and control expenditure in the City;
  • Carry out cash management and administer the insurance portfolio of the City;
  • Plan and coordinate the evaluation of financial accounting for the City Funds and Donor-funded projects and Grants;
  • Support preparation of the recurrent and development budgets of the City;
  • Prepare and maintain books of accounts in accordance with existing financial regulations;
  • Prepare monthly and annual statutory accounts in line with the Statutory and Accounting Regulations;
  • Carry out debt management and account for bond securities and other alternative financing mechanism;
  • Maintain an effective systems for management of all financial resources of the City.
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